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Dental Treatments

Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest dental technology, we can support you with a complete range of dental services

Dental Treatments

Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest dental technology, we can support you with a complete range of dental services

Receive the best dental treatment in Sydney at Forum Dentistry.

Since the first day, our mission has been to build a practice that will be a safe and comfortable environment for you to relax knowing that your teeth are in good care.

Located in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, we welcome patients of all ages, struggling with mild and severe dental problems.

Count on Forum Dentistry to provide an experience you can smile about! We are professional, pleasant, and trained to help you beat the dental problem(s) you’ve been struggling with for some time now. We employ a team of highly-educated and experienced dentists who work on a gradual advancement of their knowledge. Such an amazing combination of expertise and equipment we have in our practice makes us the go-to dental professionals no matter how complex your case may be.

Our General Dentistry Services

We here at Forum Dentistry possess the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to perform a range of general dentistry services. Our educated and certified professionals are at your disposal to provide:

Our dentists specialise in a range of dental procedures and are capable of delivering general dentistry services to better your oral and overall health.

We encourage all our patients to see us at least once every six months and have their teeth regularly checked. Our preventive care services are intended to help you treat any issue while it is still minor and minimise the risk of developing more serious dental problems.

Bring your child to a pleasant environment for their first appointment and make sure they have a pleasant dental experience from day one. Our dentists are patient and happy to educate youngsters about the importance of maintaining their oral health in a comfortable atmosphere.

No matter how progressed your case may be, Forum Dentistry will take the time to provide a complete examination of your teeth, detect all issues, and propose the most effective treatment plan.

For an even bigger and brighter smile, our team offers teeth whitening services and advice on how to maintain them sparkly white on your own, at home.

Replacing missing teeth has never been easier - in collaboration with a dental laboratory, we will build implants or dentures that will blend with your natural teeth perfectly and in that way deliver the best functional and aesthetic outcome.

TMJ issues like teeth grinding cause damage to your teeth and, eventually, to your overall health. Allow us to create dental products that will help you manage TMJ dysfunction and minimise or completely eliminate chronic issues you’ve been struggling with.

Schedule an appointment with Forum Dentistry to see which dental treatment will benefit your specific case.

Dental treatments you can receive at Forum Dentistry

Forum Dentistry offers one of the widest ranges of dental treatments in Sydney, and we continue to work on its expansion.

We wish to be at your disposal for absolutely anything - whether you need a comfortable place to arrive on a regular basis or a trained professional who will deliver the personalised dental solution to benefit your oral health and improve the visual appeal of your teeth.

Get the smile you want

Schedule an appointment with one of our professionals today and see how we can eliminate the inconvenience that’s been preventing you from enjoying your favourite food or drink, or that’s been stopping you from smiling with confidence!