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Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children

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High quality dental care for children
Build Only Positive Memories

We invite you to pay a visit to Forum Dentistry in St Leonards and make sure your children have only positive experiences with a dentist from the very first dental checkup. Teach them the importance of preventive dentistry and pave the way for good oral health through their lives.

High quality dental care for children

Although baby teeth will fall out naturally, it’s important to a child’s long-term oral health that this does not occur prematurely. Baby teeth play a vital role in childhood development as they guide the growth of facial bones and positioning of permanent adult teeth. Baby teeth also help with pronunciation as children learn to sound out words.

Daily brushing, flossing and a healthy diet is essential for maintaining the health of baby teeth, as back baby teeth (molars) need to last until your child is around age 12. The majority of children will need assistance brushing and flossing until they are around 8 years old. Younger children often lack the dexterity to hold and angle their toothbrush well enough to remove plaque build-up.

Build Only Positive Memories

Choose us for high-quality kids dentistry services on the North Shore and ensure the optimal health of your child’s teeth. We are at your disposal for any routine or emergency treatments your little ones may need, ready to take it slow so that the exam would be as comfortable and painless as possible. The experienced team at Forum Dentistry is also happy to provide you with some helpful tips on how to best help your child with their cleaning routine.

Turn to us for any questions or advice you may require when it comes to dentistry for children.

Your Child's First Appointment

We advise that your child’s first appointment with one of the Forum Dentistry professionals is after all their baby teeth have come through, around age 2.

Your child’s first appointment is usually 15 – 20 minutes long and involves a quick examination to ensure their teeth are coming through straight and the gums are a healthy pink.

Many parents like to schedule their child’s first appointment with their own check up as seeing a parent have their teeth checked makes children more relaxed and receptive when it’s their turn.

Is your child afraid to go to the dentist?

It’s completely natural for them to feel that way and Forum Dentistry has the patience and compassion you are looking for.