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Your local St Leonards dental practice

Your local St Leonards dental practice

Our mission

Our mission is to help you improve your quality of life by giving you the most enchanting smile.

Here at Forum Dentistry, we know just how big of an impact oral health can have on your overall well-being. First off, dental issues can be the source of some other health problems, which is why it is imperative to treat them as early as possible.

Secondly, teeth loss and discolouration can greatly affect a person’s level of confidence and hold them back in their personal and professional life.

Forum Dentistry gives you the experience to smile about - everything from the first exam, through treatment, to recovery - we make every step of the process as pleasant as possible.

Our dentists

All of our dentists are strongly committed to lifelong learning and believe that it is the only way to deliver the best dental solutions.

This continually expanding knowledge and skill advancement allows us to approach any dental problem with confidence and know that we will come up with the best solution for it.

We are praised for our patience and approachable attitude that makes all patients feel comfortable in our chairs and have complete confidence in our work. For this reason, many of our regular patients recommend us to their friends and relatives, as well as decide to bring their little ones for their first appointment. They know that Forum Dentistry will create an enjoyable experience and prevent them from forming a fear of the dentist.

Our dental services

We have composed a team of dental professionals who specialise in different fields of dentistry. This mixture of skill and expertise allows us to treat every patient who comes through our door, no matter how challenging or unique their case may be. We have equipped our dental practice with top-grade equipment our dentists use to carefully examine your mouth and provide the most accurate diagnosis. We also collaborate with a reputable dental laboratory to be able to deliver adequate dental products, suited for your individual needs.

You can turn to Forum Dentistry for any cosmetic or surgical procedure - from teeth whitening, dentures, implants and Invisalign, to general dentistry, preventive care, and full mouth rehab services.

Where to find us

Forum Dentistry dental practice is located in the Lower North Shore of Sydney. As such, it is easily accessible to everyone, no matter which part of the town they are arriving from. But it is not just about our convenient location - we made sure that our practice is designed to deliver a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our goal was to create a professional oasis you will find pleasant and secure; an environment you will want to pay a visit to on a regular basis and maintain your oral health.

How to find us

LocationWe're at the Sergeants Lane entrance to the station. If you're coming from Pacific Highway, heat to the station gates and take a right down the alleyway.

St Leonards StationOur practice is right at the top of the stairs on the Sergeants Lane entrance, nestled between Pacific Highway and Chandos Street.

Public TransportBeing situated within St Leonards train station makes us easily reachable by train. Regular buses also stop outside the station on Pacific Highway.

ParkingThere is parking available at St Leonards Train Station or metred parking available on Chandos Street.

Come prepared!

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