You wear your aligners for around 2 weeks before they are replaced by the next in the series. Unlike fixed metal braces, Invisalign© aligners can be removed allowing you to eat, brush and floss normally without having to worry about cleaning around brackets and wires.

You will need to visit the Forum Dentistry team approximately every 6 weeks so we can ensure your treatment is progressing as planned. Depending on the position of your teeth, treatment can vary between 9 - 15 months. Following an evaluation appointment, we are able to provide a more accurate timeframe.

For teenagers who require orthodontic treatment, Invisalign© has become a preferred alternative to fixed metal braces. Following an assessment appointment, our team can advise if Invisalign© is suitable option for your child or can be used in conjunction with fixed braces.

To discover the many benefits of Invisalign© and achieve the straight smile you have always desired, call and schedule a consultation appointment.